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Oh, look! A fidget tool

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Ian McDonald returns to the harshest mistress in L

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Jenny Nicholson's "Top 10 Reasons I Won't Do ASMR"

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Louis Grabher's personalized auto license plate de

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Tokyo travel tips, day 2: Yoyogi park

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Gaff card deck has 40 magic tricks

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Miele's networked disinfecting hospital dishwasher

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Ikea vs Superfans: how paranoid trademark lawyers

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Crowdfunding a subscription to Ms. for every state

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Trump approval hits new low

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"I grew up in the Westboro Baptist Church. Here's

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Shaun Cassidy sings "Rebel Rebel" (1980)

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Orson Welles interviews Andy Kaufman (1982)

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Star Wars Rebels season three finale

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An inflatable pillow to make flying in coach toler

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Celebrity voice impressionist switches actors in f

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Russian cat won't let go of bread bag

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Halestorm's kinda metal ode to metal

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Excellent beer bottle blowing cover of Michael Jac

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How America's obsession with hula girls almost wre

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Trip out on Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon" c

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Weird laws from around the world

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Monkeys helped man who mysteriously vanished in th

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Escalator malfunction leads to injuries and arrest

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ICO fines Flybe, Honda for breaking data rules. Th

Protip: Don't ask customers if they want to be contacted by email… by email

The Information Commissioner's Office is baring its teeth as we rocket towards the EU's General Data Protection Regulation coming into effect.…

Supermicro rack-wrangles a fix for a few data cent

Server, storage and networking wrap

Orchestrating, deploying and managing thousands of servers, storage shelves and switches can provide a persistent PITA*. Server white box supremo Supermicro has a Rack Scale Design (RSD) fix for service providers, telecoms, and Fortune 500 companies dealing with this.…

People may have been wrongly sent back to prison o

'G4S has introduced further quality checks'

Offenders may have been wrongly sent back to prison because of faulty electronic tags supplied by G4S, the government admitted today.…

Nuns left in limbo after phone line transfer hell

Judge Brennan fines Eircom after litany of screwups

A judge has hit Irish telco Eircom with a €16,500 fine, after the former incumbent left a nursing home for retired nuns without phone service for weeks, then overcharged the sisters for the privilege.…

DevOps hype? Sometimes a pizza really is just a pi

Differentiating between commercial partners, coevolution and clutter

Opinion  Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Four friends are sitting on a sofa, and one says to the others, “I’m hungry, I want to learn how to make pizza.”…

Microsoft beefs up Skype for Business as Amazon Ch

Corporate comms face-off

Microsoft is rounding out its Skype for Business Cloud PBX.…

Google and pals plough $27m into tiery-eyed storag

Adding better public cloud facilities to users' hybrid world

Avere, the filer and public cloud storage accelerator supplier, has scored a $27m E-round of funding, with Google proper providing some of the funds.…

World+dog had 1.4 BEEEELLION of its data records e

That's 86% up on 2015... and it's mostly identity theft

Almost 1.4 billion data records were compromised worldwide during 2016, a whopping increase of 86 per cent compared to the year before.…

Brit telcos will waive early termination fees for

Good news for those posted to Benbecula or Mount Pleasant?

British military personnel will no longer face swingeing cancellation fees on broadband packages if they are posted abroad.…

Making business value the object of the exercise

Beyond Big Data

Promo  On 27 April at 11am we're broadcasting live with a studio full of experts focused on the challenges of data-enabled workflow - that is the notion of integrating data into business workflows to improve performance and increase competitive advantage.…

Mobile network Three inks Cisco Jasper deal, eyes

It's a connected land grab of things

Mobile operator Three has announced a deal with Cisco Jasper, the switchzilla's newly acquired IoT arm.…

Firefox Quantum: BIG browser project, huh? I share

What Mozilla's browser rewrite means to... Mozilla

Open source insider  Mozilla has been rolling out a major change to Firefox during the last year, the results of what the company calls its Electrolysis project. Electrolysis gives Firefox something Chrome has had for years now – multiple processes (in the best case scenario that's per tab). The change is a boon for speed – somewhere Firefox has been lagging lately – and it improves stability and security.…

Miss Misery on hacking Mr Robot and the Missing Se

He's both the sharpest tool AND two spanners short

Stob  Are you lolling dolefully? Then I'll continue. The TV show Mr. Robot deals with the life and adventures of Elliot Alderson, a twenty-something New York devop and cyber-vigilante. He and his circle of chums, seeking to inflict revenge on a mega-corporation for a hushed-up industrial accident, stumble towards bringing e-civilisation to a sticky end.…

As of today, iThings are even harder for police to

iOS 10.3 lands, complete with heavily encrypted Apple File System

Apple today released iOS 10.3, watchOS 3.2 and tvOS 10.2 (14W265), the first two of all of which bring some pleasing extra functionality to iThings, But the main attraction in the new release is Apple File System, because it adds comprehensive encryption to the iPhone and Apple Watch.…

Community vid reveals demos of vSphere-on-AWS clou

Right-click to vMotion VMs between on-prem and AWS

VMware's revealed some demos of its planned hybrid cloud service running inside Amazon Web Services.…

If you can't beat AI, join it: Boffinry biz baron

Computers wired into our minds. What could go wrong?

Three years ago, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, mused that artificial intelligence represented humanity's biggest existential threat.…

CompSci boffins propose scheme to protect privacy

Queries indicate your intentions, so they're worth hiding

From stock searches to map directions, any time a user queries a database, they tell the database owner something valuable.…

AWS emits EnginFrame 2017 for cloudy HPC

Simpler cluster config

Amazon Web Services' 2016 acquisition of NICE Systems is bearing fruit, with AWS lifting the lid on the next iteration of a high performance computing service called EnginFrame.…

Redmond takes a small step towards opening Service

No runtime yet, but two developer repos have landed

Last year, Microsoft offered up its first public beta of Azure Service Fabric for Linux. This month, it quietly took another step with the fabric by partly open-sourcing it.…

nbn¬トᄁ builder prioritises easy premises, because

Don't criticise CEO Morrow for keeping the build moving

Stop me if you've heard this one: nbn™, builder and operator of Australia's national broadband network (NBN), is being accused of polishing its rollout figures by fast-tracking areas that are easy to service.…

Samsung plans Galaxy Note 7 fire sale

Flaming phablet stockpile to be refurbished, resold, rented and/or broken up for parts

Samsung's revealed it will soon start selling the Galaxy Note 7 again.…

Green software blacked out Australian State

Wind-turbine-ware defaults didn't handle exceptional weather events

Something good is going to come out of last year's “Black System” in the Australian State of South Australia: the global wind power industry has learned how to do better modelling for systems under attack from repeated failures.…

Cheap, flimsy, breakable and replaceable ¬タモ yup,

First step, smart bulbs and sensors

Analysis  Ikea has just announced the entry of smart home technology into the mainstream with a new range of lights that can be activated by motion or smartphone app.…

Angular framework's grand ambition: Not breaking a

Google's web app scaffolding seeks recognition as platform

Angular, the popular web application framework, reached version 4.0.0 last week, having skipped version 3 entirely.…

FYI users: You may have leaked passwords,

Just call it

Thousands of netizens inadvertently shared passwords and other highly private information with the rest of the planet – via Microsoft's publicly searchable service.…

LastPass scrambles to fix another major flaw ¬タモ o

Ormandy sets snowflakes off over disclosure

For most of us, Saturday morning is a time for a lie in, a leisurely brunch, or maybe taking the kids to the park. But for some it's bug-hunting time.…

Astroboffins clock thriving stellar nursery nestle

First time star formation seen in such extreme conditions

Astronomers have for the first time found stars forming within the violent outflows of material ejected from a supermassive black hole at the center of a galaxy.…

Astroboffins stunned by biggest brown dwarf ever s

Yeah, we're talking hundreds of light years

Pic  Astronomers claim to have identified the largest and purest brown dwarf ever seen, measuring in at a record-breaking 90 times the mass of Jupiter. And it's hovering fairly nearby in the Milky Way.…

Robo-Uber T-boned, rolls onto side, self-driving r

Autonomous car was not at fault, apparently

Uber's taken its nascent fleet of self-driving cars off the road after one rolled in an accident.…

Ex-military and security firms oppose Home Sec in

'We are in real trouble if we apply blunt weapons to this'

UK government ministers calling for increased surveillance abilities in the wake of last Wednesday's terrorist attack have encountered opposition from a somewhat unexpected quarter.…

Happy Motherboards day: Here's some (Optane) memor

No benchmarks available from 2D launch of 3D XPoint memory

Hot on the heels of the Optane DC P4800X data centre SSD announcement, Intel makes a move on PC motherboard memory.…

DevOps brings your teams to delivery faster and wi

Start with DevOps today across all platforms, tools, and methodologies used

Promo  DevOps is a fast-growing market trend, but one that is still not universally understood. Specialist software vendor Clarive has produced an essential eBook guide for organisations interested in DevOps projects but unsure of how to approach them.…

Northamber's Phillips ponders non-exec role after

Profitability? Not just yet...

Northamber chairman David Phillip signalled his intention to take more of a backseat as he announced interim results that suggested profitability remains just tantalisingly out of reach for the veteran distie for now.…

Micron making mucho memory moolah

Quarterly results show a boomtown rat raking in dollars

DRAM and flash fabber Micron had a damn good second fiscal 2017 quarter, raking in increased revenues and a $0.9bn profit on the back of strengthened DRAM and NAND prices.…