Linux and Windows

posted: 04 Jun 2009

It's no secret that I've been sitting on the Linux fence for a few years, never getting much further than installing a copy of Linux, only to be halted by requirements to recompile the kernel or learn a bunch of command line wizardry to open a file. However, with our new house and the almost endless scope for networking niceties, I have looked once more to the open source. And this time, I am finally finding my feet. Thinking back to the days when I was 'learning' Windows, I would spend hours installing, configuring, breaking and reinstalling 98, ME, 2k, XP... now it's happening all over again, but with Linux. Although, this time, the web is there to help and I have a goal in mind.

My end game is to create a Windows domain, web/application, database and DNS server. To what end, I'm not completely clear, but at the heart of it, is to be able to host small web applications from my own network and browse them from 'the outside'. And all this, to be done on using only open source applications and a small footprint, low powered Mini-ITX PC board. And it's going pretty well.

Recent achievements have got Fedora Core 4 installed and Samba set up with basic Primary Domain Controller functionality and my new NAS (Buffalo nkstation 2Gb) mounted for file storage. The next phase is to install MySQL with the data on the NAS and then Apache/JBoss/Railo for application development.

I'll keep you posted, on how that all goes, but let me finish by saying that I am now, officially a Linux fan. Not yet a -phile but I'm working on that.



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