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Disney princesses photoshopped onto real-world pho

posted: 28 Apr 2017

In this fun series, visual artist Andhika Muksin edits animated Disney character heads onto celebrity photos and film stills. It sounds like it would be eerie, but the photos are perfectly edited and strangely compelling. Some of my favorites are below and you can see even more on Muksin’s Instagram.

Sanitation worker creates eclectic museum from sal

posted: 28 Apr 2017

The Treasures in the Trash Museum in East Harlem is at turns delightful and sad. Curator Nelson Molina is a city sanitation worker with a nice eye and ear for hidden garbage gems. The whole museum demonstrates how utterly wasteful humans are. (more…)

Breathtaking timelapse from the Mauna Kea astronom

posted: 28 Apr 2017

Poli'ahu, the Hawaiian snow goddess who lives atop Mauna Kea, is the namesake for this stunning and inspiring footage from Sunchaser Pictures. (more…)

The Social Network gets an Honest Trailer

posted: 28 Apr 2017

“The world’s smartest film about the world’s dullest premise.”

Apple and payment partners rumored to be launching

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Apple is in talks to launch its own Venmo, reports Recode, also asking “Could the money-transfer service be called Apple Cash, perhaps?”


Aliens destroyed life on Mars, now Trump¬タルs poise

posted: 27 Apr 2017

It's good to see this week's tabloids getting back to the really important news.

"Aliens Nuked All Life Off Of Mars!" proclaims the 'National Examiner,' which also brings us the more earth-bound revelation that disgraced President Richard Nixon, while happy to meet with Elvis Presley, "ordered hits on Hendrix, Joplin and Morrison."

It's important news like this that distracts us from the 'National Enquirer' cover this week, which with characteristic restraint screams: "World War 3 Is Coming!" But fear not - the 'Enquirer' brings us a "step-by-step" guide to "How Trump will crush our eight enemies!" Eight, indeed. No slouch, our Commander in Chief will "launch a coordinated campaign across five continents that will wipe out America's enemies in one fell swoop!" And those are the best kind of swoops.

It's the sort of bombast we've come to expect from North Korea, but it's troubling to find such bellicosity (yet again) in the pages of a publication that boasts better connections to the White House than 'The New York Times.' Our enemies? North Korea and ISIS, naturally. Syria will be nuked - that'll put Trump in the history books, if there are any that survive the ensuing global conflagration.

But then the 'Enquirer' battle plans get a little hazy. Iran will be hit by severe sanctions. U.S. troops will maneuver along the border with Russia to prevent their intervention. Boko Haram in Nigeria and al-Shabaab in Somalia will be targeted. ISIS and al-Qaeda cells in Spain, France, Germany and Italy will be hit. (By this point, we might be wondering if any nation's sovereignty is to be respected.) And while they're at it, U.S. forces will destroy the drug cartels' narcotics operations "throughout Mexico and South America." I can't wait to hear Donald Trump announce that he'll achieve all that within his second 100 days in office.

The 'Enquirer' seems to be having a special homophobia edition this week, with three major gay-shock-horror stories in its first seven pages. 'Gay Travolta New Squeeze' yells the grammatically-challenged headline above a story that amounts to John Travolta being photographed giving a thumbs-up sitting next to another man, in what looks like every fan photo ever taken with a celebrity, and nothing more. Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi and Drew Barrymore's 'Love Triangle Exposed!' declares the 'Enquirer,' which claims that the former 'E.T. - The Extraterrestrial' cutie has come between Ellen and her gal. Oh sure, Ellen and Drew are partners working together on a new TV series - but that can only be a front for lesbian sex, right? The 'Enquirer' team of trained psychics know these things. And then there's "Oprah & Gayle's Gaycation With The Obamas!' Because being on a yacht with the former President and First Lady, along with Bruce Springsteen and Tom Hanks, screams lesbian, because two women couldn't possibly just be friends, could they?

'Dying Queen Collapses!" yells the 'Globe' cover, with a series of photographs that appear to show her fall, helpfully captioned "Going . . . Going . . . Gone!" You have to credit the 'Globe' for its extraordinary photojournalism, capturing images of a Royal collapse that was missed by the entirety of the British media. Of course, 'Globe' editors probably don't expect their readers to do the research to find that these photos of the Queen were actually taken in July 2015 at the christening of Her Majesty's great-granddaughter Charlotte, at the Church of St Mary Magdalene in Sandringham, England. Nor do they expect readers to find that the photo of the Queen bent double as she apparently collapses is actually Her Majesty bending down to greet great-grandson Prince George outside the church. Look closely and you can see Royal nanny Teresa Borallo standing right next to the Queen. And the photo of a handful of soldiers standing around looking down at the ground - supposedly at an unconscious monarch, though we'll never know because she's not in the camera frame - could easily be looking at one of the Royal Guardsmen who routinely faint after standing to attention for hours during major public ceremonies. But not that day, when nobody collapsed, least of all the Queen.

Fortunately we have the intrepid investigative team at 'Us' magazine to tell us that Kourtney Kardashian wore it best (which I suspect has something to do with the fact that she was naked and bra-less under her Saint Lauren dinner jacket, while Emma Watson opted for an elegant shirt), that NBC anchor Lester Holt "could eat Mexican food every day," that 'American Housewife' actress Katy Mixon carries a teasing comb and hair spray in her Gucci bag, and that the stars are just like us: they spray on sunscreen, walk their dogs, and play golf. Extraordinary. The magazine devotes its cover to "20 Slimdown Diet Tips Stars Are Using,' featuring a slew of stars who barely have a spare ounce of body fat between them, so their diets must clearly be working.

'People' magazine devotes its cover to TV's ever-popular 'Bachelorette' series, under the headline: "Life After Bachelorette." But the headline seems to be missing the question mark I would have added at the end of that sentence. The feature story tells how six former Bachelorettes found love, and are raising new babies (no doubt because it's just no fun raising old babies). Admittedly, only two of these six have married men they actually met on the show, so that doesn't speak well for the program's ability to bring loving couples together. And fulfilling their dream of finding a husband seems to have had an unexpected dark side. "We used to stay up late and party," says former Bachelorette Ashley Rosenbaum. "Now we all have bags under our eyes, pushing strollers!" Who could have guessed?

Onwards and downwards . . .

Near-mint copy of infamous Nazi torture bondage co

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Someone has already bid $80,000 on a near-mint copy of Suspense Comics #3 from 1944, with a cover by Alex Schomburg. This is the type of comic book that led to the moral panic resulting in a senate hearing on the rampant sexual perversion and violence in comics and the collapse of the comic book publishing industry, as chronicled in David Hadju's excellent book, The Ten-Cent Plague: The Great Comic-Book Scare and How It Changed America.

In 2015, a copy of Suspense #3 in similar condition sold for $173,275.

Here's a complete scan of the issue, in case you are interested. There's nothing lurid inside, other than some light homoerotic bondage.

From Heritage Auctions' website:

Suspense Comics #3 Mile High Pedigree (Continental Magazines, 1944) CBCS NM- 9.2 White pages. This white-hot Golden Age issue, driven by the "classic" Nazi bondage/torture cover by Alex Schomburg, has been climbing the list of Overstreet's Top 100 Golden Age Books for years. It's currently at #26, up from #38 in 2012, and #63 in 2007. It's no surprise that the Mile High Copy is the finest known, but that there is a Mile High Copy at all will be a surprise to some. Until recently the common opinion was that a Mile High Copy of the iconic issue didn't exist! Overstreet rates it "scarce", and Gerber goes even further, assigning it a "9" or "very rare"! CGC hasn't certified a higher grade than VF 8.0 for the book, although we have been fortunate enough to have offered the impressive Pennsylvania Copy in 2015, a CBCS VF/NM 9.0, which realized a record-setting $173,275! But the Mile High takes it up even another notch! L. B. Cole provided interior art. Overstreet 2016 NM- 9.2 value = $100,000. CGC census 4/17: 0 in 9.2, none higher.

Angry mom texts 35-year-old man instead of her dau

posted: 27 Apr 2017

It starts off innocently. A Wisconsin woman texts her daughter, Jess: "Hunny please grab milk and lunch meet on your way home." But she accidentally sent the text to a 35-year-old man, who was innocently relaxing at home with his wife on his day off. He replied, "I'm pretty sure you have the wrong number. I'm already at home." But the woman didn't believe him. She told "Jess" to "stop playing." The man tried very hard to convince the woman that he was not her daughter, even offering photographic proof. This only made the woman angrier. When she finally realized the man was telling her the truth, she got furious with him and blamed him for tricking her. When he said he was going to post screenshots of the exchange she said, "Post it after u watch your porn u sick pos... do you treat your mother like this?" He replied, "My mom knows my phone number..."

Translator upset after unintended KKK reference re

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Making English versions of foreign-language games is a complex process requiring cultural sensitivity and originality. In contrast to literary translation, it involves audio, visual arts, and careful technical edits as well as the words. When a localizer working on Japanese title Akiba Beat was displeased by one edit, he cried foul and demanded to be removed from the project's credits.

The "egregious change," as Tom Lipschultz called it...

...had to do with a parody of the Japanese light switch company NKK Switches. A sign in the original Japanese version of the game read “KKK witches,” a play on the phrase. He wrote on XSEED’s forum, “I personally felt ‘KKK witches’ was pretty funny for its shock value, but when I mentioned it to my coworkers, they... were not as amused.” ... he says his priority is retaining as much of Akiba’s Beat’s original meaning as possible.

When informed what "KKK" means to Americans, though, the Japanese creators were mortified and “immediately responded that they had no idea the sign could be taken that way in English,” and asked that it not be included in the English release. Lipschultz, however, doesn't think it's right to make the change.

Lipschultz knows that the removal of “KKK witches” from Akiba’s Beat is “insignificant,” and truly, one might wonder whether this is really the place to take such a stand. But, he says, his dramatic gesture was inspired by the well-trod Evelyn Beatrice Hall quote, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”

Lipschultz thinks it's censorship, in other words, and is "taking a stand." But maybe, just maybe, the game's original creators had never meant for racial-themed shitposting to be in their game.

"I approve of what you didn't mean, and will defend the obligation to have you mean it another language." — Evelyn Beatrice Hall, kind of.

Harry Israelson's delightful pics from a SoCal Ren

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Photographer Harry Israelson has a long-running series of photo essays called For Pleasure. For a recent set, he headed to beautiful Covina, California for a Renaissance Faire. Pictured: Ye Olde ATM. (more…)

Angry mom texts 35-year-old man instead of her dau

posted: 27 Apr 2017

It starts off innocently. A Wisconsin woman texts her daughter, Jess: "Hunny please grab milk and lunch meet on your way home." But she accidentally sent the text to a 35-year-old man, who was innocently relaxing with his wife at home on his day off. He replied "I'm pretty sure you have the wrong number. I'm already at home." But the woman didn't believe him. She told "Jess" to "stop playing." The man tried very hard to convince the woman that he was not her daughter, even offering photographic proof. This only made the woman angrier. When she finally realizes the man was telling her the truth, she got furious with him and blamed him for tricking her. When he said he was going to post screenshots of the exchange she said, "Post it after u watch your porn u sick pos... do you treat your mother like this?" He replied, "My mom knows my phone number..."

Silence of the Lambs bloopers reel

posted: 27 Apr 2017

In honor of the great director Jonathan Demme who died yesterday, please enjoy this bloopers reel from his classic film Silence of the Lambs.

More horror film blooper reels at TVOvermind.

My favorite knife sharpener

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Here's a demonstration of sharpener:

I also use a sharpening steel to keep the knife edge straight every time I'm about to cut food:

Trump's anti-Semites are here to stay

posted: 27 Apr 2017

The Trump administration continues to bumble nearly every time they mention Judaism or the Holocaust in public. Orange Julius claims to love Jews, but the anti-Semites in his cabinet are here to stay

Salon sheds some light on exactly why Trump can't seem to wash his hands of his white supremacist supporters.

Via Salon:

Let’s put aside the president’s trademark bluster and take him at his word — he loves his daughter, and he has a handful of individual Jews in his life that he cares about. But the issue isn’t what Trump believes in his heart of hearts. What really counts are his actions and the company he keeps — including once fringe figures like Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka. In that sense, tragically, he has been a godsend to anti-Semitic movements and ideologies once relegated to the margins of society.

All the while, alt-right trolls, white nationalist activists and conspiracy theorists have cheered on President Trump from the virtual sidelines. They’re cheering because this administration has carried the stain of anti-Semitism from the campaign into the White House and federal government. Sadly, the longstanding taboo in the GOP against overt anti-Semitism has begun to fall, and ties to anti-Semitic figures and thought — once considered to be automatically disqualifying by the Republican mainstream — are no longer an impediment to serving in the executive branch.

But across the GOP and among too many establishment Jewish organizations, no one wants to name the depth and breadth of this pattern. Top administration officials like Jeff Sessions, Sebastian Gorka, Steve Bannon, Michael Anton, Rick Perry and, until recently, Mike Flynn, have deep ties to fringe elements of the extreme Christian Right, the white nationalist alt-right, the European far right and the anti-immigration movement. These ties have played a key role in normalizing anti-Semitic bigotry and advancing political alliances with those who promote or are sympathetic to anti-Semitism. This is dangerous for the Jewish community but it is also perilous for immigrant communities, communities of color, and all religious minorities whose safety is jeopardized by white nationalism.

Watch these Chinese firefighters hysterically and

posted: 27 Apr 2017

The only thing that would make this video of Chinese firefighters jumping rope would be a Yakety Sax soundtrack.

Nintendo programmer coded Game Boy classic without

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Nintendo programmer Masahiro Sakura coded the Game Boy classic Kirby's Dream Land on a cartridge-based Famicom console and Disk System that lacked a hardware keyboard. According to a recent presentation given by Sakura, "values had to be input using a trackball and an on-screen keyboard."

Sakura, who was 20-years-old at the time, said he just thought that was "the way it was done."

From Game Watch's report in Japanese, translated by Source Gaming:

At the time, the development tool that HAL Laboratory was using was the Twin Famicom, a console that combined the Famicom and the Famicom Disk System. A trackball made specifically for the Twin Famicom was used with the machine, which read and wrote data to a floppy disk and uploaded data to the floppy disks [during development].

Essentially, they were using a Famicom to make Famicom games. Sakurai told the crowd, “It’s like using a lunchbox to make lunch”. However, because of that, they were able to create a functional test product before the project plan was even completed.

(via Ars Technica)

Delta Airlines kicks man off plane for urgent need

posted: 27 Apr 2017

There have been times when I've had a strong urge to pee while sitting on a plane that's waiting for takeoff. Fortunately, I wasn't punished for it. But one poor guy on Delta flight wasn't as lucky. He urgently had to pee. The plane had been sitting motionless on the runway for 30 minutes. He got up to go to the restroom, but a Delta airline attendant told him to get back in his seat. He obeyed the order, but his bladder wasn't happy about it. He got up again, and this time he used the restroom. Shortly after that, the pilot announced that he was pulling the plane back to the gate. Everyone had to get off, and then everyone except the man who peed was allowed back on. The FBI then arrived to speak with the man. Delta allowed the man to purchase a very expensive same-day ticket to fly home to see his kids.

I guess Delta would rather have let his bladder burst.

From YouTube description:

After waiting on tarmac with no foreseeable information that we would take off anytime soon, passenger quickly used bathroom (less than 1 minute). Delta determined to return to the gate (not too far away!) and remove the passenger. This is the first Delta employee who came on (Horatio) speaking not very kindly to the passenger.

One fellow passenger on the flight has created a blog called Frustrated Passenger, to express he displeasure with Delta for the way they treated the man:

Dear Delta:

On Delta flight # 2035 this week, I observed the most outrageous treatment of a paying customer that I have seen in my two decades of flying. I trust that you will investigate this matter and see that similar situations are handled better in the future. Not only did your staff truly harm and humiliate one person who was forced to pay hundreds of dollars for a new same-day flight, but you forced the rest of us passengers to endure a 2 hour saga of watching a man being targeted for having a bathroom emergency. I am disappointed and horrified at how Delta Airlines staff treated their customers/passengers.

I was a passenger on DL 2035 on April 18, 2017 from Atlanta to Milwaukee (2:55 pm departure time). I was seated with my husband and with my infant in my arms across the aisle from another passenger, a stranger to us, but clearly a nice gentleman (“Nice Gentleman”), who played hide and seek with my child as we waited to takeoff.

When the flight attendants commenced the security instructions, the Nice Gentleman was on the phone, and the attendant told him (in a very harsh manner) to end his call. He apologized and promptly did so. This was my first insight into how the flight attendants viewed the Nice Gentleman.

We were then told that we were third in line to take off; however, we waited and waited and barely moved. Nice Gentleman got up, went to the back, and returned to his seat very quickly. Some more time passed, and my husband commented that we had already been waiting for 30 minutes to take off. Nice Gentleman got up again and went to the back, and very quickly returned to his seat. At that point, the pilot stated that we needed to return to the airport to remove a passenger. Everyone was shocked – what could have happened?

Nice Gentleman quickly spoke up and apologized, saying he thought it was him, and he explained to those of us nearby what had happened. The first time he stood up, he went to the back and told the flight attendant he had to use the bathroom because it was an emergency. The attendant (Katherine S) told him that he needed to sit down or he would make the plane lose its place in line because the plane could not move if he was in the bathroom. He apologized, said he didn’t want that to happen, and quickly sat back down. He waited some more. Finally, he couldn’t wait any longer and returned to the back to use the restroom. He used the restroom very quickly; I would estimate less than a minute. When he came out of the restroom, he was told that he caused the plane to lose its place in line, and the pilot would have to talk to him. He was apologetic for causing any delay, but it was an emergency … because he is a human and these things happen to everyone.

Our plane returned to a gate (which wasn’t far because we had not moved much this entire time). A Delta employee (Horatio) came on and asked Nice Gentleman to gather his things. Horatio talked to him in a rude and harsh manner, demanding that he leave the plane; Horatio wouldn’t explain why and wouldn’t give any assurance he could still travel to Milwaukee. Nice Gentleman said he wouldn’t get off the plane.

Then Delta employee Bryant R. [full name redacted] then came on and treated Nice Gentleman in a somewhat more appropriate manner and listened to him a little; he would only tell Nice Gentleman that he would get him on a later plane. Nice Gentleman explained that he needed to get back for a school field trip the next day. He explained that he understood what happened, but that he needed to use the restroom and it was an emergency. Bryant R. claimed that Nice Gentleman broke the rules and that this requires that Delta staff talk to him. Nice Gentleman said he would explain his situation to everyone who needs to hear it but does not want to leave the plane to do so. Bryant R. claimed that Delta had never encountered an issue with someone using the bathroom during taxi/waiting takeoff (REALLY DELTA?!?!). Nice Gentleman stated he would not leave the plane because he is afraid he won’t get on another flight out. Bryant R. then left the plane.

Next we heard the plane engines turn off, and the pilot indicated that it would be getting warm in the plane. Apparently Delta was trying to sweat us and Nice Gentleman off the plane!

Then a flight attendant announced that Delta was making everyone get off the plane. The seat neighbors around us were all astounded and visibly angry at Delta. There was a general talk of no one leaving the plane in support of Nice Gentleman and in rebellion for the terrible treatment by Delta of this man. We eventually deplaned and, in the airport, Nice Gentleman was kept apart from everyone.

While we were waiting, I spoke with another Delta Airlines passenger from a different flight, DL566 from Melbourne, FL to Atlanta. The same thing happened on her flight: while waiting to taxi, TWO people used the restroom. However, that situation was handled very differently. The flight attendant informed the pilot not to move because two people were using the restroom; when the two passengers returned to their seats, the flight attendant informed the pilot that the people had returned to their seats… and the plane continued to taxi and eventually take off. No return to the gate. No removal of a passenger.

We were eventually allowed to reboard the plane, sans Nice Gentleman. Delta staff claimed that he was not criminally charged, because he was not aggressive, which is not nearly the legal description of probable cause. But, here’s the kicker – Delta staff refunded his flight (but only from Atlanta to Milwaukee – and they kept the taxes and fees) and refused to transport him to Milwaukee! Delta wouldn’t return his gate-checked bag to him and told him he could get it when he finds a way to Milwaukee. I doubt that Delta paid him the cancellation fee that it surely would have charged if he had attempted to cancel his flight that day.

Once back on board the plane, imagine our surprise when a woman arrives on the plane with the seat assignment for the Nice Gentleman’s seat! Delta used the 2 hour delay that IT created to bump someone onto our flight.

The final event of this horrifying saga occurred when, after the plane was airborne, the pilot announced his apologies for the delays and explained that the situation was due to a security concern/issue. My husband and I observed the entire event (my husband accompanied the Nice Gentleman when he was taken aside in the airport), and there was never any hint of a security risk or concern… unless an emergency need to use the bathroom after unpredictable delays is now considered a “security risk/issue”.

Delta, what was Nice Gentleman supposed to do? Here are the options as I see it: 1) Urinate in his seat. This would be unpleasant for him, everyone around him, and the airline staff member who has to clean it up. 2) Urinate in a vomit bag or some type of device he could have possibly found. Again, same issue with being uncomfortable for him, those around him, and anyone cleaning up later. 3) Do what he did—wait as long as humanly (remember, we are humans?) possible, and then go to the bathroom as quickly as possible. As evidenced by what happened earlier in the day on Delta #566, the flight attendant can tell the pilot someone is using the bathroom, and then the flight process proceeds as usual. In the worst case, perhaps we have to wait a little longer to get back into line—no one wants that…especially not the Nice Gentleman who doesn’t want to hold everyone up! I am racking my brain to think of other options that would have been a better solution for this Delta customer’s unfortunate situation.

Yes, Nice Gentleman may have broken the rules when he stood up to use the bathroom. Yes, flight attendant Katherine S. may have had her authority questioned when he used the restroom quickly. However, the situation was resolved in the 1 minute he was out of his seat. I don’t believe the plane moved an inch during that time. Why did Delta have to continue this saga by returning to the gate to remove him? What about him made you want to remove him from the plane? Was it the color of his skin that you didn’t trust? Or the color of Katherine S.’s skin that made you trust her version of the story? When did using the bathroom become a security risk? Do you truly claim that this is Delta’s policy EVERY TIME this happens? Because, based on the events on Delta #566, we know that it doesn’t happen this way every time… and, regardless of what Bryant R. says, I am sure that this occurs on a daily basis.

My take-away from this experience is that I will not be flying Delta again. Who treats a person like this? Have you forgotten that the people that pay to fill the seats are actually human beings who sometimes have emergencies (like having to use the bathroom when you have been waiting on the plane for an hour)? Nice Gentleman was faced with an emergency that I’m sure nearly every passenger has faced before; no one wants to be “that person” who needs to use the bathroom while awaiting takeoff.

I think you may have forgotten that your passengers are people too, who sometimes have to go to the bathroom when they can’t wait any longer. These same passengers are your paying customers… or maybe they won’t continue to be your customers if this is the “new standard” of customer treatment by Delta. I hope you will repay Nice Gentleman for the expense he had to go through to find a new flight, and remember to treat all of your customers as human beings in the future.


Krista R.

How to draw dotted lines on a chalkboard

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Mike Boyd is started a lecturing job, and he wanted to teach himself how to draw dotted lines on a chalkboard. He learned in just six minutes. The trick is pressing the piece of chalk at an angle so it skips across the board.

Johnny Depp surprises Pirates of the Caribbean rid

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Haha! Lucky riders on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland were treated to a live Jack Sparrow animatronics performance yesterday by Johnny Depp. He made a surprise visit to the park as part of a PR stunt. It's fun to hear the passengers as they realize that the real Johnny Depp is standing right in front of them.

Married couple get divorced so their girlfriend do

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Cristina and Benno Kaiser were happily divorced after 12 years of marriage. Even though they are together, they are no longer a couple. They are a trio. They both have the same girlfriend, 21-year-old Sierra Kuntz, who they met working at a reptile pet store at the local mall in Nevada. Sierra plans to marry either Cristina or Benno.

Bonobo's new music video featuring the Moroccan so

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Bonobo (aka Simon Green) just released this beautiful new music video for the track "Bambro Koyo Ganda" from his album Migration out now on Ninja Tune. The track features Innov Gnawa, a fantastic Moroccan music collective formed in New York City. Stylewar directed the clip.

Bonobo is currently on tour around the US and Europe.

Some of the Most Racist Moments in Fox News Histor

posted: 27 Apr 2017

What you will learn from watching Fox News:

The problem with America is that "we keep marrying other species and other ethnics. See, the problem is the Swedes have pure genes. Because they marry other Swedes . . . Finns marry other Finns, so they have a pure society."

Congresswoman Maxine Waters, "You saw what happened to Whitney Houston. Step away from the crack pipe."

If you are a black professor from Columbia University Bill O'Reilly will tell you that you look like a cocaine dealer.

If you are a civil right leader, Tucker Carlson will call you a hustler or a pimp.

Obama looks like a skinny, ghetto, crackhead.

When Theresa May called snap elections, she killed

posted: 27 Apr 2017

One of the consistently underreported elements of Brexit and all that's come after it is that leaving the EU will also let the UK -- the world's most prolific launderer of filthy criminal money -- escape the tightening noose of European anti-money-laundering measures. (more…)

Amazing wire mesh portrait by Korean artist Seungm

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Seungmo Park used clipped squares of wire mesh to create this portrait. See more examples of his work here.

Drugs and Alcohol = No Job

posted: 27 Apr 2017

You may have seen the Wainwright Training videos on Boing Boing's in-flight entertainment channel on Virgin America.

While they probably won't be offering sensitivity training, Mark Fite and Jim Turner, one-half of Los Angeles' best sketch comedy troupe 2 HeadedwDog, will be appearing at Beyond Brookledge this May, in Riverside, CA.

Beyond Brookledge is a fantastic three-day magic and variety extravaganza thrown by Erika Larsen and Bob Self at Riverside, California's unbelievable Mission Inn May 19-21st. Once a year those two curate a weekend of dazzling entertainment, and amazing community, around the acts from Erika's private shows at the theater in her home, Brookledge.

You'll instantly feel like you are among friends, and spend a weekend hanging out with some of the most amazing magicians, makers and variety performers on Earth.

The Amazing Jonathan will probably make fun of you.


Beyond Brookledge, May 19-21st at the iconic Mission Inn

Oakland elementary school students resist Caltrans

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Rogue archivist Rick Prelinger writes, "Oakland students planned to paint a mural on a dark freeway underpass in their city. The project is stalled because Caltrans asserts copyright to murals on its property. The details are a bit sketchy, but there's a petition here. (more…)

Watch cool 84-year-old granny who is said to be wo

posted: 27 Apr 2017

When Chandro Tomar was 65, she took her granddaughter, who was interested in learning how to shoot, to a rifle club. Tomar, from a small village in northern India, decided to try it herself, and fired some shots with a pistol. A coach noticed her natural skill, and since then Tomar has won more than 25 national championships.

When she first began practicing, her family made fun of her, since women in their village are expected to stay home all day to do household chores. But once Tomar started winning medals they became impressed. She then began knocking door to door, recruiting girls in the village to learn the sport. The girls would ask their parents, "If this old granny can do it, why can't we?" And so she now teaches the girls how to shoot. "It will be useful to them," she says.

Tomar, who has 8 children and 15 grandchildren, never plans to retire from her sport. "I'll keep shooting until my last breath."

This video is part of Great Big Story's "Human Condition" series of short "microdocs".

Why can¬タルt you use your phone on an airplane?

posted: 27 Apr 2017

SciShow host Michael Aranda digs into the question most airplane travelers have probably asked themselves at some point.

How to get your money¬タルs worth at an all-you-can-

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Foodie Dan Pashman of You’re Eat It Wrong shares tips and tricks for mastering the all-you-can-eat buffet.

A travel diary how-to

posted: 27 Apr 2017

In this relaxing video, YouTuber Jordan Clark talks through her process for making a keepsake travel diary.

An itty bitty Xenomorph stuffed animal

posted: 27 Apr 2017

This adorable little Xenomorph will be available in July, but itty bitty Ellen Ripley is available right now.

What happens legally if you shoot someone's drone

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Probably not much, as Brad Jones learned over Easter when a neighbor allegedly blasted his DJI Phantom. Even if his prime suspect confessed, there's not much precedent for prosecutions. (more…)

1993 New York City recorded in high-definition DVH

posted: 27 Apr 2017

This remarkably clear VHS footage of Clinton-era yuppies who are now retirement age will either take you back to a more innocent time, or give you a good glimpse of what yuppie scum looked like back in the day. (more…)

Cop vs. goose (spoiler: goose wins)

posted: 27 Apr 2017

A Canadian goose declared it open season on cops, as this Clarksville, Tennessee detective found out. This cop-hating honker takes a gander at this cop, then puts him down. Just when the cop's goose is cooked... (more…)

Watch "Extrapolate," a trippy animated visual pali

posted: 27 Apr 2017

What starts as a live action hand extrapolating a line along a grid gets real trippy real fast, but the fanciful hand-drawn extrapolations follow a discernible mathematical pattern. (more…)

Collapsible wooden seat parametrically designed vi

posted: 27 Apr 2017

SWISH is a lovely portable stool created by feeding inputs into design software and seeing what the software generated. Carlo Ratti Associati debuted this prototype at Milan Design Week 2017. (more…)

Three terrible tech trends

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Freddy deBoer writes that he's been telling the same joke for years about Silicon Valley's only product, which might be universalized as "At last, a way to verb with nouns on the internet!" But the social-media techopoly is stable, now, and so the venture capitalists have moved on to the three terrible trends that will now occupy their interest.

First is infecting everything with DRM so it's controlled by the manufacturer and limited to their ecosystem. Second is charging rent for being in it and using algorithms to maximize it. Third is marketing workaholic poverty to the young as a way of life.

We Love Doers So Much We Want to Give Them a Hellish Existence of Endless Precarity

The basic idea here is that 40 years of stagnant wages, the decline of unions, the death of middle class blue collar jobs, the demise of pensions, and a general slide of the American working world into a PTSD-inducing horror show of limitless vulnerability has been too easy on workers. I’m sorry, Doers, or whatever the fuck. The true beauty of these ads is that they are all predicated on mythologizing the very workers who their service is intended to immisserate. Sorry about your medical debt; here’s a photo of a model who we paid in “exposure” over ad copy written by an intern who we paid in college credit that cost $3,000 a credit hour. Enjoy. The purpose of these companies is to take whatever tiny sense of social responsibility businesses might still feel to give people stable jobs and destroy it, replacing whatever remains of the permanent, salaried, benefit-enjoying workforce with an army of desperate freelancers who will never go to bed feeling secure in their financial future for their entire lives.

84-year-old sharpshooting grandma

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Chandro Tomar, 84, lives in Uttar Pradesh. After picking up a gun in her sixties, Tomar became of India's best shots, winning many competitions and teaching countless women to shoot straight.

Few sad as closure announced

posted: 27 Apr 2017

When long-lived websites close down, they often give little notice, sending archivists scrambling to rescue its work for posterity., the venerable topic-mining hive abruptly put to death, seems to be a counter-example: a faceless mountain of bland, undifferentiated, half-plagiarized content that no-one seems sad to see vanish. Even its own CEO is plainly contemptuous of it.

That’s why Vogel tells Business Insider he’s going to shut the site down as of May 2nd. "I got a phone call from Joey Levin, who is the CEO of IAC [ Group’s parent company]. He asked, 'What do you think of'" Vogel told BI. "My answer — in perfect arrogance — was 'I don't.' Who thinks of Nobody."

But not all of is going away necessarily. Vogel says he will take parts of the website and turn them into separate niche verticals, then announce a new name for the overarching brand at a conference in New Orleans. “A year ago we were a general interest site,” Vogel told The Drum in March. “We were not growing. In fact, we were kind of shrinking. We had great content, but we were doing the wrong thing.” was one of the earliest big web successes to cash out: to Prime Media in 2000 for $690m, then to the New York Times in 2005 for $410m, IAC in 2012 for $300m, and now to the deep void for sweet fuck all—but also the hope that the staff and infrastructure can be used to launch something new.

“I'm not going to be the guy who ruined,” Vogel told Business Inside. “It's already ruined, so this is all upside here.

EU court rules against seller of "preconfigured fo

posted: 27 Apr 2017

An EU court ruled against a seller of customized set-top boxes this week, with the judge saying that his preinstallation of certain Kodi Add-Ons makes the boxes illegal to offer.

Mr Wullems sells, over the internet, various models of a multimedia player under the name ‘filmspeler’. That device acts as a medium between a source of audiovisual data and a television screen. On that player, Mr Wullems installed an open source software that enabled files to be played through a user-friendly interface, via structured menus. In addition, integrated into the player were add-ons available on the internet whose function is to retrieve the desired content from streaming websites and make it start playing, on a simple click, on the multimedia player connected to a television. Some of those internet sites give access to digital content with the consent of the right holders, whilst others give access without their consent. According to the advertising, the multimedia player made it possible, in particular, to watch on a television screen, easily and for free, audiovisual material available on the internet without the consent of the copyright holders

It might seem a 'technical' outcome: it's still fine to sell boxes with open streaming software, the end-user just has to set up arrmatey.plugin their own damned selves. But "Who, whom?" is always important.

No matter how cool superblack activated charcoal f

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Activated charcoal makes for some cool-looking chow, like the superblack soft-serve at LA's Little Damage, and you might think that since activated charcoal is given to people with acute poisoning, it's safe to eat. (more…)

This is the Slinky commercial theme of my youth

posted: 27 Apr 2017

There have been many Slinky theme songs, but when the Slinky theme song gets stuck in my head this is the Slinky theme song I sing.

My daughter was given a large plastic rainbow slinky for her birthday. None of the kids understood why I immediately broke into song.

Kevin Kelly: "superhuman" AI is bullshit

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Kevin Kelly argues that the core premises that underlie the belief that artificial intelligence will overtake human intelligence are "more akin to a religious belief — a myth" than a scientific theory. (more…)

The Simpsons on Trump's first 100 days in office

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Here is The Simpsons' take on Trump's 100th day in the White House, which includes Sean Spicer hanging himself with a sign that says, "I Quit!" and a strangling match between Jared Kushner and Steve Bannon. We also get to see Trump in his jammies, lying in bed with a remote in his hand. An aide comes to his side and asks him to read a bill that will lower taxes for Republicans. "Can't Fox News read it and I'll watch what they say?" the president asks.

With the 100th day hitting us this Saturday, thank god for comic relief!

Fox News host mimicks Ivanka Trump sex move, takes

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Fox News' Jesse Watters thought it was the perfect time at Fox News to make a sexual joke at a woman's expense. And he earned a three-day vacation for his on-air blowjob joke about Ivanka Trump after saying, "I really like how she was speaking into that microphone." From Digg:

Despite Watters' efforts to play it off, it seems like the controversy has caught up to him. Today he announced abruptly that he would be taking a vacation with his family until Monday... three days into his new primetime slot.

The controversy comes on the heels of Fox News' firing of Roger Ailes and, more recently, Bill O'Reilly over sexual assault and harassment allegations, illustrating what appears to be a disturbing pattern disrespect for women.

This isn't the first time Watters has been in hot water. Last year, Watters received the ire of the internet over his now-infamous Chinatown segment, in which he ambushed random people in Chinatown and barraged them with racist questions.

FCC Chairman Pai wants to kill Net Neutrality, at

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Susan Crawford, one of the most articulate campaigners for Net Neutrality (previously) explains how FCC Chairman Ajit Pai's plan to kill Net Neutrality will leave small-town America behind in the 21st century's rear-view mirror, receding into the distance with poor-quality, slow, and inefficient network access at a moment when economic survival depends on reliable, high-speed and neutral nets. (more…)

Make silly noises and fight Kirk in your own Gorn

posted: 27 Apr 2017

I had forgotten how goofy the monster noises were in the epic Kirk vs Gorn battle. With this excellent mask and a few groans you too could rough up Starfleet's more daring Captain.

Evidently you'll need to make your own body suit, but the mask looks nicer than the actual prop.

Star Trek Classic Gorn Deluxe Latex Mask via Amazon

Why walking through a door makes you forget things

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Why do people forget what they were going to do when they walk into a room? This video explains the "location updating effect," and how you can work it to your advantage.

Insulin prices spike by 1123%, sending parents to

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Gabriella Corley is a 9 year old with Type I diabetes who's allergic to the insulin covered by her low-income parents' healthcare; to live, she must take Sanofi's proprietary Apidra brand insulin, which has increased in price by 1,123% since 1996, and which is only covered to 25% by her insurer's Pharmacy Benefit Manager, CVS. (more…)

This post includes the words "penetration testers"

posted: 27 Apr 2017

If you want to work in tech, but don’t have any desire to code web apps to help businesses sell things to other business, you might want to consider a career in cybersecurity. Judging from the apparent complete infiltration of Russian hackers in American cyberspace, it seems fair to speculate that there’s a major shortage of talented penetration testers. Is it because “learn to code” is a more catchy slogan than “secure an organization’s information systems”? Perhaps. But you can use that to your advantage—and get a head start learning a highly in-demand skill set--with the Ethical Hacking Bootcamp.

Some of the topics you'll cover:

  • Enumeration
  • Denial of Service
  • Session Hijacking
  • Hacking Web Applications and Wireless Networks
  • SQL Injection
  • Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
  • Cryptography
  • Trojans and Backdoors
  • Viruses and Worms
  • Buffer Overflow

Break into this lucrative field! Take Ethical Hacking Bootcamp, available now in the Boing Boing store for $45.

The Registry

Are you ready to transform?

posted: 28 Apr 2017

Come and have a go, if you think you’re hard enough

Sponsored  Digital transformation has been a boardroom buzzphrase for the last couple of years. If your CEO hasn’t asked you to explain it, then the invitation’s in the mail. Are you ready to tell them what it is, and what you’re doing to help make it happen?…

It's paydaygeddon! NatWest account transfers 'disa

posted: 28 Apr 2017

Thousands left terrified worrying about limiting their beer intake this month

There's drama aplenty for NatWest customers this morning as account transfers are “disappearing” according to aggrieved customers.…

Just delete the internet ¬タモ pr0n-blocking legisla

posted: 28 Apr 2017

Oh, and voting is the only say you get in how the government handles your information

The Digital Economy Bill 2016-17 has received Royal Assent, and with Her Maj's rubberstamp it shall henceforth become a requirement for all pornography-serving websites to verify the ages (and thus identities) of all of their visitors in the UK.…

Oh lordy, WD just SCHOOLED Seagate in running a di

posted: 28 Apr 2017

Looks likes revenues are up by almost $6bn

Analysis  WD took advantage of stable disk drive and strong flash markets to crank revenues and profits in its third fiscal 2017 quarter, giving Seagate an object lesson in how to run a storage business.…

Need the toilet? Wanna watch a video ad about erec

posted: 28 Apr 2017

Please now wash your hands

Something for the Weekend, Sir?  I'm off to the toilet. Would you like to join me?…

Facebook and Google gobble '99 per cent of new dig

posted: 28 Apr 2017

Ad biz disputes claims, but duopoly marches on

Internet advertising revenue continues to grow, thanks to mobile, but the Silicon Valley duopoly of Facebook and Google swallowed up almost the new money.…

Flatpak and Snaps aren't destined for graveyard of

posted: 28 Apr 2017

Independence from distros

The world of Linux has long been divided into tribes, or distros as we called them. But what actually makes a distro? The packages it uses? The people who put those packages together? The philosophy behind the choices the people who put the packages together make? The question of what makes a distro is actually very difficult on to answer and it's about to get even more difficult.…

Waiter? There's a mouse in my motherboard and this

posted: 28 Apr 2017

Support chap reveals the squalid horror of restaurant computers

ON-CALL  Welcome again to On-Call, our weekly sharing session in which readers unburden themselves by sharing memories of nasty jobs.…

Last year's ICO fines would be 79 times higher und

posted: 28 Apr 2017

TalkTalk's £400,000 penalty was big – how about £59 MILLION?

Fines from the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) against Brit companies last year would have been £69m rather than £880,500 if the pending General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) had been applied, according to analysis by NCC Group.…

That YouTube ad boycott had square-root of sod-all

posted: 28 Apr 2017

License to print money renewed in full, thanks to mobile

Google's parent company Alphabet has enjoyed a bumper start to the year, raking in more and more ad cash, sinking dosh into hobby projects, and generally having a great time.…

Kali Linux can now use cloud GPUs for password-cra

posted: 28 Apr 2017

Kali's a favourite for white hats, but that doesn't stop black hats guys from using it too

Think passwords, people. Think long, complex passwords. Not because a breach dump's landed, but because the security-probing-oriented Kali Linux just got better at cracking passwords.…

Amid all the fanfare and cheerleading, Amazon's AW

posted: 28 Apr 2017

'Meteoric' success downgraded to mere 'rocketing'

Amazon Web Services growth slowed down a bit, but still brought Amazon cash at a record clip in the first three months of 2017.…

Australian Federal Police accessed metadata withou

posted: 28 Apr 2017

Single phone call by journalist probed, Feds then self-report breach to Ombudsman

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin has admitted that one of the force's investigators accessed a journalist's telecommunications metadata without a warrant, thereby breaking the law.…

Scratch the Surface: Slabtop sales slump takes the

posted: 28 Apr 2017

Phones also dead – but hey, $53m profit A DAY is still $53m

Microsoft has reported strong results in its latest quarter, pulling in nearly $5bn in profits and showing good cloud revenue growth. Just don't mention the sagging Surface fondleslab sales.…

Shock horror: US military sticks jump leads on hum

posted: 28 Apr 2017

DARPA's current thinking for potential future bright sparks

The boffinry nerve center of the US military is working with seven American universities to see if electrically stimulating the brain will increase the ability to learn new skills.…

Software woes keep NASA's new crewed missions grou

posted: 28 Apr 2017

Space Launch System and Orion Crew Vehicle won't lift off for planned 2018 test flight

The United States Government Accountability Office has found that NASA's return to crewed space exploration will likely not commence in 2018, as planned, and will probably slip into 2019. And familiar technology integration challenges are partly to blame.…

Arcserve gobbles up email biz to sate hunger for m

posted: 27 Apr 2017

We're trying our best here, OK?

Arcserve has bought its way into the email archiving game by gobbling up FastArchiver.…

Phew! Chrome to warn when you watch insecure smut

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Google's ongoing HTTP exposé comes to Incognito Mode and forms

Google's efforts to make unsecured HTTP connections untenable will step up in October, when its Chrome browser starts to warn users that more web sites are insecure.…

Intel's Optane in PCs is as good as it will get fo

posted: 27 Apr 2017

You could wait for servers and apps to grok storage-class RAM … or just supercharge 'puters

Memory-centric analyst firm TrendFocus reckons Intel's Optane is going to take years to make a difference in the data centre, which means using it in PCs is as good as it will get for the foreseeable future.…

NASA's Cassini snaps pic inside Saturn's ring ¬タモ

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Probe plunges deep into dark cosmic hole

Photo  NASA's Cassini probe has made its first dive inside Saturn's rings, skimming about 1,900 miles (3,000KM) over the surface of the gas giant's stormy atmosphere.…

Having a monopoly on x86 chips and charging eyewat

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Basically what he was saying while bragging about sales

Intel today revealed that its first-quarter earnings and sales were more or less as forecast, sending its stock down in after-hours trading.…

Republicans want IT bloke to take fall for Clinton

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Not quite 'lock her up,' but they'll take what they can get – like formal criminal charges

US House Republicans are demanding prosecutors bring charges against the IT chap who hosted Hillary Clinton's private email service.…

Cloudflare's incredible solution for IoT security:

posted: 27 Apr 2017

And, oh for $DEITY's sake, yet ANOTHER best-practices standards organization?

Traffic bouncer Cloudflare has outlined what it claims is the solution to the perennial internet-of-things security problem: pay it.…

Cassini probe plunges into Saturn's huge ring, sna

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Boldly goes where no NASA spacecraft has gone before

Photo  NASA's Cassini probe has made its first dive inside Saturn's rings, skimming about 1,900 miles (3,000KM) over the surface of the gas giant's stormy atmosphere.…

Facebook decides fake news isn't crazy after all.

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Once dismissed by Zuck, misinformation now merits revised security strategy

Analysis  Last November at the Techonomy Conference in Half Moon Bay, California, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg dismissed the notion that disinformation had affected the US presidential election as lunacy.…

Plan to kill net neutrality is the best thing/wors

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Here we go again

On Wednesday, Ajit Pai, the boss of America's broadband watchdog, decided to reopen the decade-long debate over net neutrality, despite rules having been finally decided back in 2015 and held up by the court last year.…

Micron looks to SanDisk for new CEO

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Mark Durcan gets to retire at last as Sanjay Mehrotra takes over

Micron has hired ex-SanDisk CEO Sanjay Mehrotra as its new president and CEO, replacing the retiring Mark Durcan.…

Mysterious Hajime botnet has pwned 300,000 IoT dev

posted: 27 Apr 2017

The Dark Knight of malware's purpose remains unknown

Hajime – the "vigilante" IoT worm that blocks rival botnets – has built up a compromised network of 300,000 malware-compromised devices, according to new figures from Kaspersky Lab.…

China launches aircraft carrier the length of 2.1

posted: 27 Apr 2017

And it weighs the same as 5.7 million adult badgers

China has launched its own aircraft carrier – the first ship of its type to be built from scratch in the rising Asian superpower's yards.…

Super-secure Pi-stuffed nomx email server box give

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Researcher claims it's riddled with flaws. Vendor denies it

Security researchers claim to have uncovered a variety of serious security holes in a heavily touted secure email server technology. Nomx, the firm behind the device, strongly disputes the claims and has challenged researchers to a hacking challenge, involving the creation of an email account on a designated remotely hosted nomx device.…

Insuring against a future financial crisis

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Staying compliant & off the front page

There’s nothing quite like a nice, juicy financial crisis to wake up the regulators’ rule-setters, psych up the lawmakers and get the lawyers sharpening their quill pens and breaking out a fresh bottle of Quink. And so it seems to have been proven since the financial car crash of the mid to late noughties, with the appearance of a variety of new rules and legislation to keep the financial services industry on its toes.…

New year, new Teradata but the 'transformation' ha

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Helped along by billion dollar-plus cash pile outside USA

BI and data warehouser Teradata's revenues fell 10 per cent on the year from $545m to $491m in the first quarter of 2017, with a loss of $2m as the firm's recovery under new CEO Victor Lund still has a ways to go.…

Series of Seagate missteps as revenue generator sp

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Catalogue of errors by stuck-in-the-rut firm

Comment  Here's a suggestion – Seagate, led by a combined chairman and CEO, has made a catalogue of tactical errors in the face of the NAND tidal wave while rival Western Digital has pivoted sideways to embrace flash.…

Seven in ten UK unis admit being duped by phishing

posted: 27 Apr 2017

Not so smart now, eh?

Seven in ten UK universities have admitted falling victim to a phishing attack in which an individual has been tricked into disclosing personal details via an email purporting to be from a trusted source.…

DevOps and containers heavyweights' London meetup:

posted: 27 Apr 2017

We’re testing, testing, testing...the food

We’ll be opening the doors for Continuous Lifecycle London 2017 in less than three weeks, meaning time is running out to secure a front row seat for three days of the best in DevOps, Containers, Agile, CD and more.…

Veerle's Blog

Cafᅢᄅ insoluble

posted: 28 Apr 2017

My kind of palette and great textures. Coffee can have this effect.

via Sebastien Plassard

Mystery Project 82.1

posted: 28 Apr 2017

A sneak peek of a new print the crew at DKNG is working on. Looks like Austin to me.

via DKNG

Hansen¬タルs Bicycle Race

posted: 28 Apr 2017

Always a fan of something with a bike in it. When it’s created by the talented Madsberg it gets even better.

via Madsberg

Hᅢᄡtel Americano

posted: 28 Apr 2017

Part of a series that was created as an irreverent ad campaign inspired by the hotel’s close relationship with the contemporary art world.

via Javas Lehn

Bauhaus Music

posted: 28 Apr 2017

Project on the theme of music, while playing with a Bauhaus-inspired style.

via Zara Picken

Fazer Marianne

posted: 28 Apr 2017

Interesting play with lines. Not an easy one to pull off.

via Craig & Karl

Feel the Night

posted: 28 Apr 2017

With the atmosphere in this illustration you just feel the night. Come in and enjoy the ride.

via Sebastien Plassard

Educating your dreams

posted: 28 Apr 2017

Special style. Inspiring patterns.

via Scotty Reifsnyder