IBM using parts of Apache Harmony

posted: 16 Jun 2009

This is a great step forward for the Apache Harmony project. IBM, who are apparently a major contributor to the Harmony codebase, have now adopted some of its core libraries for their websphere product. This is a tremendous endorsement of the Harmony JVM and indicates that while Sun continues to refuse Apache access to their Test Compatibility Kit (TCK), effectively consigning Harmony to uncertified status, they (IBM) are more than happy to employ the software in a production environment.

Apache Harmony:

Railo running on Linux (Fedora)

posted: 16 Jun 2009

Finally, I have got Railo 3.0.3 running on my linux based server. The J2EE app server I am using is Resin, which seems to be doing a great job. I am still in the process of learning Linux, so progress has been a little slow, but it's there.

I have kept rudimentary notes as I went along so I may post them here, if only as a way to keep a permanent record of them.

Next up, getting CFRhino to work with it.

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