Solar power technology getting thinner

posted: 27 Nov 2007

The production of electricity from the sun, has always been restricted by the cost of the required solar panels. Now, for the first time, solar panels can be manufactured that provide electricity for a lower cost/Watt than burning coal. Now that is something to get excited about.

Article on Celsias

Nanosolar have developed this new technology, apparently capable of generating solar electricity for 30 Cents(US) per Watt. Let's hope that this marks a turning point in solar adoption, with the price point falling for solar lower, we can now realistically hope that consumers will be driven by the potential savings of solar electricity and begin a move to solar installation.


The ultimate cube

posted: 26 Nov 2007

Maybe we should take a cue from the original cube master...
Dilbert's Cube


Gromit again

posted: 23 Nov 2007

Associated Image

So I've tried sending images as attachments from my phone with no success, they always seem to corrupt. So I am now going to try sending the same content via my home email to see what happens.


We all love Gromit

posted: 23 Nov 2007

Still trying to get images to send properly. It appears that the issue is either with the phone's email client, or the way the server is handling attachments. The only thing I can think to try next is to see if originating the image from my phone's SD card rather than from the phone's internal memory. So here goes.


posted: 23 Nov 2007

This should be an image, but I am getting problems with attachments getting corrupted at some stage of the process.

Image Function

posted: 23 Nov 2007

I've been writing these items the same way for about 4 years, always by email, using a schedule on the site to pick up, parse and store different items for display in different parts of the site.

For the first few years I was able to post images as attachments to the emails. These were then saved and at render time the file system was checked for matching files to show.

Now, I am refactoring to put attachments into a database table (I know, too long coming). One thing I really want is the ability to add images to the homepage.

So here goes a test post!


Reading your socks

posted: 08 Nov 2007

It was an unusual event, one that was definitely significant on my calendar, one that strangely enough, I'd been waiting for for some time.

With a build up like that, I hope you won't be dissappointed, but today was the first day since I bought them, that I picked up a pair of my socks with the days of the week on, and had the day on the socks match the real day! Yes! Today I wear socks with 'Wednesday' on them.

So nothing to be overly excited about, but it got me thinking, does this revelation say something about me?

The fact that I even care says something, I think, and the fact that I cared enough about this unusual event to blog about it, must say something too. I just don't know what! All suggestions welcome.