We're Here!

posted: 04 May 2009

Well it's taken a while, but finally we've arrived in the Emerald City of Seattle. We completed the 2 day drive from Northern California on Friday, arriving in Seattle about 6:30pm. For a city reknown for its rain and grey skies, it had to be one of the finest days they've had up here. The temp was 74F, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and there were boats out on Lake Union and Lake Washington as we drove past.

We spent most of Saturday at Lowes and Sears, buying appliances that either didn't come with the house or are in dire need of replacement.

To cap it all off, the driver of our moving truck called on Saturday night to ask if it would be ok to deliver a day early! Oh yes! So here we are, Monday morning, I'm getting ready to go to work and we already have our 'stuff' and have made good progress unpacking it.

On which note, I shall sign off, cos this is my first commute in Seattle and I'm not quite sure what I'm doing. Wish me luck..