Awesome 404

posted: 22 Feb 2008

I have been some good ones in the past, but this one is pretty cool

Interesting hangup between CF8 and MySQL

posted: 13 Feb 2008

I was just trying to connect CF8 to my db server using the CFAdmin and was getting authentication errors. I noticed that I had a case issue with my username, where a letter within the username was incorrectly capitalised. However, when I corrected it to use all lower case, CFAdmin continued to pass through the came cased version. I guess it was comparing the string and convincing itself that they hadn't changed (ignoring case). However, mySQL is case sensitive on usernames and hence I was continuing to get the authentication error. By removing the last character, submitting and then adding it back in again, CF was persuaded that the username had changed and finally authenticated correctluy.