What to implement next...

posted: 11 Dec 2007

Who's got the bug with the coolest plate? I hope they are something to do with development.


Reading your socks

posted: 08 Nov 2007

It was an unusual event, one that was definitely significant on my calendar, one that strangely enough, I'd been waiting for for some time.

With a build up like that, I hope you won't be dissappointed, but today was the first day since I bought them, that I picked up a pair of my socks with the days of the week on, and had the day on the socks match the real day! Yes! Today I wear socks with 'Wednesday' on them.

So nothing to be overly excited about, but it got me thinking, does this revelation say something about me?

The fact that I even care says something, I think, and the fact that I cared enough about this unusual event to blog about it, must say something too. I just don't know what! All suggestions welcome.