Watch lists trial

posted: 27 Dec 2007

I was going through my inbox tonight when I realised that I am keeping a lot of emails, just because they have links to stuff that I want to look at. They are resources that I might not necessarily want to keep in but I don't want clogging my inbox and I don't yet want to delete. So I have created a feature on bluemini called watchlist. It's basically a link list of things that I want to look at, but as yet haven't had the time to. I don't know how it will progress. Whether I actually use it, I don't know. If I do, then I'll need to figure out some kind of workflow for those links once I've vetted them but exactly what that might be, I don't know.

For now, I have a bookmark shortcut that posts the site url and title to a form that I can edit and send to my database. I also output them to a list if you're interested in seeing the list (sort of) so far. I'll keep you posted how it goes.


Image Function

posted: 23 Nov 2007

I've been writing these items the same way for about 4 years, always by email, using a schedule on the site to pick up, parse and store different items for display in different parts of the site.

For the first few years I was able to post images as attachments to the emails. These were then saved and at render time the file system was checked for matching files to show.

Now, I am refactoring to put attachments into a database table (I know, too long coming). One thing I really want is the ability to add images to the homepage.

So here goes a test post!


Been a bit rubbish

posted: 22 Aug 2007

I don't think I have a huge readership, in fact I'm pretty sure of that, but I hate to see my site looking the same all the time and for the handful of people who come past, I'm sorry about that. So what has been keeping me busy? Well that's difficult to say, since although I can't recall anything very large keeping me away from posting anything, I still don't recall a single evening that I've had where I could spend the time assembling my thoughts. My recent interest has been in looking at how I can remotely record and access television from the UK. The process is a little undefined just yet but it will take the form of something like: - A machine hosted in the UK, probably a mini-ITX motherboard with digital tv receiver - A small wake-on-lan script to wake this machine up - Reconfiguration of the gateway in the UK to allow the WOL packet entry - A scheduled tv listing collection, daily, and UI to view and mark for recording - An FTP server on the recording machine to allow remote access - Possibly a transcoder to compress the recorded files to something easily downloadable So far, I have the PC and the magic packet for WOL working, but it's looking like in principle, it should all work. Fingers crossed... Other than that, I'm off to the UK for the first time in about 4 months, visiting the family and going to a friends wedding. Will chuck in a couple of days at the office too, at least I don't need to take that time off as holiday. Well I'm about done here, will post again when the tv recorder is working. Until then, y'all take care of yourselves.