Google IO Registration

posted: 29 May 2008

Well I'm here in the Moscone center in San Francico looking at the queues of people wanting to register for Google IO. I first arrived at 8:40 and the numerous queues for registration, broken down into letter groups (I'm guessing you are looking for a match on the first letter of your last name but that's entirely hypothetical) were snaking around the entrance hall. With no signage as to which queue contained those people with last names in the F-I range and therefore no idea which snake of people I should join, I left and headed bck to my office (I needed to charge my phone in any case).

Returning at 9:25, hoping to be able to make more sense of the situation I was confronted by an equal number of lines with no emergent order as to which one corresponded to which last name. Oh well, I thought, I've missed the keynote anyway so I might as well wait fo things to die down a little. Well how fortunate was I? After only about 5 minutes, the bright sparks at Google realised that the whole thing wasn't working quite as well as it should and cleverly decided to allow anyone, registered or not, into the keynote and the conference until 2pm. Well done Google.

So up we went, and enjoyed the keynote.

When I did go back for my pass, an hour or so later, there was no queuem perfect :)